2017 Teaching Schedule





9-10 & 11-12th February

Harlequin and Sundial Cabochons

Sandra Alder: s.alder@neus-shop.ch

15-16 & 18-19 March

Blue moon Glassworks Austin,Texas
http:// www.austinbluemoon.co m/manda-muddimer

Cabtastic Cabochons & Bobbles

Jim Berry: jim@austinbluemoon.com

25-26 & 27-28 May

Otterbein Glass de Langen , Germany http://www.otterbein- glas.de/homepage/ kurse/amanda.html

Harlequin Cabochons & Cabtastic Cabochons

Audrey Otterbein: info@otterbein-glas.de

7-8 & 9-10 September

Ring Tops and Cabochons

21-22 October

Ladenkonzept Vienna, Austria

Cabtastic Cabochons and Bobbles

Cornelia Bock: bock.c@utanet.at

17-19 November

Ring Tops and Cabochons (Two Day) Bobbles (One Day)

ClaudiaTalotti: claudia@crea-arte.ch

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