I wanted to tell you a little bit about our mandrels and answer a few frequently asked questions.

David works with local engineers here in North Devon to design and produce the Cabochon Mandrels we offer for sale .

Much attention is paid to detail ensuring the mandrels are really well made and of the highest quality.

What makes them so special ?

  • We make sure the mandrel discs are welded on straight to the mandrel handle ensuring that there is no wobble when you are using them .
  • Each disc has a bevelled edge top and bottom. This makes it easier to make a cab with the glass reaching right up to the edges..
  • The bevel makes it easier to release the cabochon when cold but also ensures that the glass stays on the mandrel when you are working.
  • M2.5 nuts suitable for ring toppers fits the center pin so the mandrel itself can be used for ring toppers as well as cabs for pendant etc
  • The Mandrel handle is only 3mm making them easier to hold and use.

Why are they so expensive ?

The mandrels because of the points outlined above take longer to make.

We have them made locally here in North Devon and have not sourced them from abroad.

Because of the above they are expensive for us to have made .

Can you offer discounts on multiples?

Unfortunately we can’t offer discounts on multiples due to the cost to us and keeping the price to you as reasonable as we can.

What sizes do you offer?

We make 10mm, 14.5mm 21mm and 26mm

  • 10mm – these are super for making little tiny earrings or for pulling murrini
  • 14.5mm – the perfect size for making cabs for the interchangeable popper systems that are currently popular
  • 21mm – the cab mandrel I use for all my work it makes cabs bigger than just 21mm !
  • 26mm – for cabs 26mm and above ….

We offer Cabochon Classes at Mangobeads and in other locations.

I have a tutorial on many of the practical aspects associated with Cabochon Making and we also have a  You Tube Video  that we made on dipping your cab mandrels !

The mandrels we have available at the moment you can view here