For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be able to do something special with my cabochons. I’ve dabbled a bit before and Davids had a play too but at last I am feeling confident in my own skills to do it myself and to be brave enough to use some special glass work too.

The desire to work with silver comes purely from the glass. Cabochons need silver its as simple as that, and I want my designs to be pure and simple, to simply enhance the beauty of the glass which is where my heart is.

Its all pretty major stuff because obviously the price of each piece goes up, not only with the cost of the silver but the extra workmanship and the Hallmarking which here in the UK we have to have done if the weight of the silver is over 7.78grms.

This last week I sent 30 pieces off to be Hallmarked, my Assay Office is Goldsmiths Hall in London. I waited anxiously for their return. Im pleased to say that it all went well and my first batch of work is marked with the Full Traditional Hallmark:

This comprises five marks:

Sponsor’s mark
Traditional fineness mark
Millesimal fineness mark
Assay Office mark
Date letter mark

Its made my work feel very special and im excited to be able to give my glass work that extra special touch.

Chunky Bangle

Chunky Bangle