I have just returned from 4 days teaching at Sandra Alders studio in Winterthur just north of  Zurich in Switzerland. There are so many things I love about teaching abroad but meeting new people is always top of the list, this trip was no exception.

Although the weather was grey the chill in the air with temperatures below freezing reminded me that I wasn’t at home ! Not a snow flake in sight other than on the mountains viewed from the plane on the flight,  but no soggy rain that so often accompanies the colder weather here at home … I definitely feel I have been away!

Met from my flight by Angela Meier I had Schnitzel on my plate within a couple of hours of leaving the airport and its fair to say I enjoyed a little more of it over the days I was there as I struggled with the menu translation but the Pizza and the Schnitzel were indeed excellent !

I even had a cream tea with scones made by Mr Brown …. how English can that be ! Thank you again Angela !

Tea in Winterthur

I stayed in a sweet little hotel along with some of the students on the classes including Heidi my new friend from the swiss mountains and Lydia , it was lovely to get to know you both in the extra time we had together!

Sandras studio is wonderful boasting a top floor location it is fully equipped with Bethlehem Alpha torches and oxygen concentrators to die for, a lamp workers dream . Her shop is an Aladdin’s cave of everything imaginable and if one had a whole week in which to explore it, it still wouldn’t be enough time.

Everyone being busy!

Such beautiful cabochons being made

The time just flew, the class was such fun and the students were just wonderful, everybody made such brilliant ring toppers and cabochons. The air was full of excitement from learning new skills something that as a lampwork teacher I really love to see.

Some of the beautiful cabochons made by the ladies who came on the class

Sandra and her assistant Claudia looked after me so well – thank you both for all the laughs we shared together. I’m so looking forward to seeing you again next year already 🙂

Im so excited to have been invited by Sandra to take part in Switzerlands own Bead Camp in April 2018. Alongside some amazing artists Corina Tettinger, Davide Penso, Claudia Trimbur – Pagel , Angela Meier and Angelika Kaufman it promises to be an amazing date for the lamp workers 2018 calendar!

5 day long classes a teachers dream and a students heaven – its going to be wonderful.

You can find out more details and book to secure your place on any of the classes by taking a look on their dedicated Bead Camp  web site


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