My New Year has been slow to get going – Im not feeling hugely creative.

When this happens I find its helpful to take a step back and look at where I am and where it is I want to go . It helps me to stay positive and move forwards.

Im so excited that this year I have 6 classes Im teaching abroad – Im so looking forward to all these classes and meeting all the people who attend them its going to be a very special year in that respect ! Thats a huge positive 🙂

We have some wonderful artists coming to visit us here in the UK at out studio to give classes thats another super positive thing – seeing the workshop alive with eager excited people is so inspiring in so many ways.

Then I look back at my work and what I have recently acheived and how far I have moved forward with my own expectations of where I want to be on a personal level.

I can honestly say that last year was a great year for me and my work,  I feel I took another step up that ladder we never get to the top of and actually never want to – because then where would we go from there !

I never want my journey to end – I don’t feel the need anymore to be coming up with new ideas I just want to get better at what I already do –  I leave you with some images of my favourite work from last year !

… and now to the torch, well tomorrow anyway !

The Patchwork Bead Collection

Bezel set Harlequin Cabochon

Folklore Beads




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