So who like me loves stationary, any excuse to buy a new notebook and invest in some must have pens for doodling and creating beautiful spreads.

Im probably late at jumping on board but excited at the possibility of perhaps creating some order in my these days chaotic mind. I will most likely succeed in making myself more muddled but im going to have some fun finding out !

The Bullet Journal is the brain child of Ryder Carroll and you can read all about the original here. Basically its for you to interpret as you wish and do with as you want …or simply rush out and buy a new notebook …..

If like me you have already discovered the leuchtturm 1917 notebook this wont be a difficult thing to do .. however finding the dotted A5 version at this precise moment in time in the colour you want just might be tricky as it seems many people have had the same impulsive thoughts!

Just look at all the colours … which one would you choose? Photo: Leuchtturm1917. All Rights reserved

There are many inspirational Bullett Journalists to follow and its a wonderful # to explore on any social media platform.

One of my favourites to date is Christina77star she has a wonderful introduction to what its all about and suggestions for setting your own up on her web site ….. but if like me you are a real beginner I would suggest starting with writing a list of what’s important for you to include and just go from there … thats the stage I’m at .

So for now feast your eyes on the wonderful colours of the Leuchtturm 1917 …