14.5mm Cab Mandrel


14.5mm in diameter with a 3mm handle and a 2.5mm centre pin.

This mandrel will make a Noosa size glass cab for a perfect fit.

It will also hold an M25 Nut suitable for ring toppers.


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14.5mm in diameter, with a 3mm handle and a 2.5mm center pin which accepts an M2.5 nut for making ring toppers

An M2.5 nut suitable for ring toppers fits the center pin so the mandrel itself can be used for cabs and tingtoppers – we also sell ringtopper backs which sit so nicely in the back concealing the nut.

We have had these made to our own specifications. They have been designed with a bevel on the edge of the disc making it easier to make a cab with glass right up to the edges – also enabling a better shape. It also means the cab will release more easily .



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