Knob Sleeve


10 x 15mm and/or 18mm sleeves for making glass knobs.

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These stainless steel sleeves available in 15mm and 18mm lengths screw onto the end of our 4mm knob making mandrel .

Simply wind the glass onto the sleeve and create your very own designer knobs for drawers, pots, cupboards and anything else that might need a knob!

Once annealed and cool the glass will simply screw off the mandrel ready for you to use.

You will need to purchase a screw to fix your knob to your chosen item. We also suggest purchasing a small washer to prevent over tightening and breaking the glass.

The screw should be size M4,  please allow 15mm or 18mm for the screw to screw into your glass knob when deciding on the correct length to buy. You will find the screws at any DIY store including ScrewFix.

These are available as part of a kit with a tutorial:

Knob Making Starter Kit


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15mm, 18mm